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weather and climate of the island of giglio

The Isola del Giglio, located in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a tourist destination loved for its natural and landscape beauties. But, in addition to its golden beaches and crystal clear waters, another fundamental aspect that contributes to the charm of the island is its climate.

The Isola del Giglio, with its mild climate and favorable weather conditions, is an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature. Whether you’re planning a visit during the warmer months or prefer to enjoy the island during the low season, it’s always a good idea to find out about the weather conditions and forecasts to ensure a pleasant and safe stay.

The climate of the island of Giglio

Giglio boasts a maritime climate which ensures mild temperatures throughout the year. Its climate is typically northern Mediterranean, characterized by moderately rainy but always mild autumns and winters, and dry and hot summers. Starting in March, it is possible to enjoy sunny and warm days, but spring can also bring with it rainy days and low clouds that often envelop the island’s highest peaks, such as Giglio Castello.

Winds for All Seasons
The wind is a constant on the island of Giglio. Only for a short time a year, about a month and a half, there is a calm wind. The winds can affect the maritime connections, in particular the Grecale, which can prevent the docking and departure of the ferries. During the summer, light breezes and winds from the Mistral, Ponente and Scirocco prevail. The Libeccio winds offer spectacular sunsets, while the Maestrale and Tramontana often make the air clear, allowing you to also see Corsica, Elba and the Maremma coast.

Webcams and Weather Forecast
For those who want to have a real-time idea of the island’s weather conditions, there are several webcams located in the main towns such as Giglio Porto, Giglio Castello and Giglio Campese. These webcams offer a real-time overview of the weather and landscape of the island.

The weather forecast provides detailed information on the current weather, sea and wind conditions as well as forecasts for the next 7 days. This information is essential for anyone planning a visit to the island, so that they can prepare properly.

Average temperatures on the island of Giglio
Average temperatures vary according to the months, with January and February averaging 12°C, while July and August can reach 35°C. Average temperatures vary according to the months, with January and February averaging 12°C, while July and August can reach 35°C.

Tuscany Weather Alert
For those visiting the island of Giglio, it is important to be informed about the potential risks associated with meteorological phenomena. The Tuscany Region regularly issues “Alerta Meteo” criticality bulletins, which provide detailed information on hydrogeological risks, winds, storm surges and other adverse weather conditions.