Isola del Giglio

GIGLIO Campese


The Pearl of the Sunset

Giglio Campese is a small town that lies on the largest beach on the island of Giglio. This place, famous for its breathtaking sunsets, is one of the main tourist attractions of the island.

Giglio Campese is a place where nature, history and culture blend in perfect harmony. Whether you are a lover of history, nature or simply want to relax on an enchanting beach, Giglio Campese has something to offer for everyone. With its unique atmosphere, its natural beauty and its rich history, it represents an unmissable destination for anyone visiting the Giglio Island.

Position and Natural Features

Located on the western side of the island of Giglio, Giglio Campese is found in the center of an enchanting bay, bounded by the faraglione on the left and by the tip of Fenaio on the right. This geographical position makes it an ideal place for lovers of surfing and sailing, thanks to the winds that blow from the south. But the real magic of Campese is revealed at sunset, when the sun slowly sinks behind the horizon, coloring the sky with shades of orange and red.

The symbol of Giglio Campese is the imposing Medici Tower, built in 1700 to control fishing in the area. This tower dominates the beach, which is the largest on the island. The sand, of a dark red color, contrasts with the crystal clear waters of the sea, creating a unique and suggestive landscape.

History and Cultural Heritage

Giglio Campese has a rich and fascinating history. The mines of the Franco promontory, for example, have been exploited since ancient times and represented a source of economy for the island between 1938 and 1962. During this time, approximately 300 miners and workers worked at the pyrite mine.

Another interesting aspect of Campese’s history concerns red coral. The Gulf of Campese was in fact famous for a natural deposit of coral of an intense red colour. However, due to the indiscriminate taking of coral by ships coming mainly from the Kingdom of Naples, the construction of the Campese Tower was necessary to protect this precious heritage.

Services and Tourism

Although Giglio Campese is a village of ancient origins, today it offers a wide range of modern services for tourists. You will find accommodation of all types, from hotels to bed & breakfasts, as well as numerous restaurants, bars and shops. The beach is equipped with bathing establishments, and there are also diving centers and boat hirers for those wishing to explore the surrounding waters.

In the evening, Campese comes alive with events and entertainment. The beach bars organize musical evenings with piano bar and cocktails, creating a lively and fun atmosphere. Furthermore, every 16th August, the feast of San Rocco, patron saint of Campese, is celebrated with spectacular fireworks that light up the bay.