Isola del Giglio


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The Maritime Lighthouses: Sentinels between Sky and Sea

The Island of Giglio, with its jagged coasts and crystal clear waters, is a true jewel of the Mediterranean. But in addition to its natural beauty, the island is also home to some historical structures of great importance: its maritime lighthouses. These monuments, built in isolated and often difficult to reach places, have always played a crucial role in navigation, guiding and reassuring sailors with their light.

The lighthouses of the Isola del Giglio are more than simple structures: they bear witness to a rich and fascinating history linked to the sea and to navigation. Each lighthouse has its own history, quirks and unique charm. Visiting these places means immersing yourself in a world of traditions, stories of sailors and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you are passionate about history, architecture or simply natural beauty, the lighthouses of the Isola del Giglio are a must for anyone visiting this splendid Tuscan island.

Capel Rosso Lighthouse

Located in the extreme south of the island of Giglio, near Punta di Capel Rosso, this lighthouse is one of the most beautiful in Italy. Built in 1883 by the Navy, it was built to replace the old lighthouse at Punta Vaccarecce. The structure is characterized by a white tower with an octagonal section, with a lantern that rises 90 meters above sea level. Its light has a range of 23 miles and, thanks to its appearance in Sorrentino’s film ‘The Great Beauty’, it has become a very popular tourist destination.

Fenaio Lighthouse

This lighthouse is located in the extreme north of the island, on the promontory of the same name. Like the Capel Rosso lighthouse, the Fenaio lighthouse was also inaugurated in 1883 to replace the inadequate Vaccarecce lighthouse. For many years, the structure housed the families of lighthouse keepers, but with the automation of the lighthouses in the 1980s, it remained uninhabited. Only in 2016 was it assigned to private individuals to transform it into an accommodation facility.

Vaccarecce lighthouse

Also known as Faro Antico or Faro Vecchio, the Faro delle Vaccarecce is the first lighthouse built on the island of Giglio. Inaugurated in 1865, it is located in the northern part of the island, on a hill 300 meters above sea level, north of Giglio Castello. However, its elevated position proved problematic, as it was often shrouded in clouds. For this reason, it was decommissioned in 1883, replaced by the Capel Rosso and Fenaio lighthouses.