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Ferries to Giglio Island: A Complete Guide

Giglio Island, jewel of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a very popular tourist destination. Although it is an island, it is easily accessible thanks to the ferry services that connect it to the mainland. Here is everything you need to know about ferries to Giglio Island.

The Isola del Giglio, with its natural beauties and attractions, is an unmissable destination for anyone visiting Tuscany. Thanks to the ferry services offered by Toremar and Maregiglio, reaching the island is simple and convenient. Whether you are planning a short trip or a longer stay, be sure to consult the ferry timetables and book in advance to ensure a smooth journey and an unforgettable island experience.

Port of Departure: Porto Santo Stefano
The main embarkation point for reaching the island of Giglio is Porto Santo Stefano, located on Monte Argentario. From here, two main shipping companies, Toremar and Maregiglio, offer ferry services linking the mainland to the island. With a navigation of just 60 minutes, you can cover the 15 kilometers that separate the island from the mainland, arriving directly at Giglio Porto, the only port on the island. It is important to note that there are no connections as fast as hydrofoils.

Schedules and Reservations
Ferry times vary according to season and demand. It is always advisable to consult the timetables in advance, especially during the tourist season. For those who want to bring their car to the island, it is strongly recommended to book a seat on the ferry, especially if you are traveling on weekends, holidays or in July and August. The same recommendation also applies to the return journey, especially on Sunday afternoons.

Ferry fares vary according to the season and the type of vehicle or number of passengers. For example, a ticket for an adult can cost between €13 and €16, while transporting a car shorter than 4.50 meters can range between €45 and €63. It is possible to consult and purchase tickets online through the booking system provided on the site.

Vehicle Traffic Limitations
During the central weeks of August, there is a restriction on the influx of motor vehicles to the island. This means that only those who stay on the island for at least four nights can bring their car or motorcycle with them. However, a self-certification must be completed to confirm the length of stay.

Shipping companies
The island of Giglio is served by two main shipping companies: Toremar and Maregiglio. Both companies offer regular and comfortable ferry services for visitors.

This company offers ferry services between Porto Santo Stefano and Giglio Porto. For more information or to contact Maregiglio, you can visit their official website or call their ticket offices in both Porto Santo Stefano and Giglio Porto.

The Fleet
The fleet of ferries serving the island of Giglio is made up of several vessels, including:

Giuseppe Rum Ferry: Entered into service in 2005, it can carry up to 633 passengers and 40 vehicles.
Isola del Giglio ferry: Purchased at the end of the 1990s, it has a capacity of 595 passengers and 40 vehicles.
Dianium Ferry: This ferry also connects the island of Giannutri and can carry 345 passengers and 12 vehicles.
Ship Vieste: With a capacity of 346 passengers.
Mizar Ship: Can carry up to 199 passengers.
Ship Revenge: With a capacity of 399 passengers.

Toremar: Your Naval Company for the Island of Giglio

Toremar, acronym of Toscana Regionale Marittima S.p.A., is one of the main shipping companies that connects Tuscany with its islands, offering ferry services to Giglio Island, Elba Island, Capraia Island and other destinations in the Tuscan archipelago. With an established history and reputation, Toremar has become a reliable choice for travelers wishing to explore the beauties of the archipelago.

Destinations and Services
The company offers a wide range of routes that connect various ports in Tuscany with the islands. Among these, the section that connects Porto Santo Stefano with the Island of Giglio is one of the most popular. Besides that, Toremar also connects Livorno with the Island of Capraia and Piombino with different destinations on the Island of Elba, such as Portoferraio, Cavo and Rio Marina.

Toremar’s website is a user-friendly platform where travelers can easily view ferry timetables, fares and book tickets online. The company is committed to ensuring safety and punctuality throughout the year, making every trip a pleasant and smooth experience.