Isola del Giglio

Camping on Giglio Island


An Experience in Contact with Nature

The Isola del Giglio, located in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a favorite destination for those who love the sea and nature. For those who want to live an authentic experience, surrounded by greenery and a few steps from the beach, the campsites represent an ideal solution. These structures offer the possibility of staying in a tent or camper, enjoying the pristine beauty of the island.

Giglio Island is a destination that has a lot to offer, and camping is one of the best solutions for those who want to have an authentic experience. Whether you are a camping enthusiast or a beginner looking for a new adventure, Isola del Giglio will surely surprise you with its beauty and unique atmosphere. If you are planning a visit, remember to respect the local rules and leave each place as you found it, helping to preserve this little Tuscan paradise for future generations.

Regulation of the Camping on the Island of Giglio

Before exploring the camping options available, it is essential to know some rules established by the Municipality of Giglio Island:

Wild camping, in any form, is prohibited throughout the municipal area, both in public and private areas.
The parking of motor homes, caravans and the like in public areas is prohibited, and the prohibition extends to the entire municipal area for free camping activities.
Free camping with motor homes, caravans, tents and the like is prohibited in public and private areas, with the exception of areas authorized for camping.
A “camping situation” is considered to be the presence of objective circumstances such as the use of parking stands, the opening of windows, doors, steps and verandas, and the positioning of tents, chairs and umbrellas outside.
Camping in Giglio Campese

Giglio Campese is one of the most popular resorts on the island and offers a campsite located in a privileged position, just a few steps from the sea. The campsite is easily accessible from the ferry dock in Giglio Porto, also by bus, which stops right in front of the campsite entrance. Furthermore, the town of Giglio Campese is only about 5 minutes away on foot, making this structure ideal for those who want to have all services close at hand.

Advantages of the campsite

Choosing to stay in a campsite on Giglio Island offers many advantages:

Contact with Nature: Sleeping under the stars, surrounded by the typical vegetation of the island, is a unique experience.
Freedom: Unlike hotels, campsites do not have rigid timetables, allowing guests to organize the day according to their needs.
Economy: Camping is often a cheaper option than other types of accommodation, making it ideal for those traveling on a budget.
Community: Campsites are meeting places, where it is easy to socialize and make new friends with other travel and nature enthusiasts.