Isola del Giglio


how to get there

Taxi Boat: A Practical and Picturesque Solution

The Isola del Giglio, with its pristine coves, varied beaches and hidden caves, is a destination that invites you to discover. And what better way to explore these wonders than by sea? That’s where the taxi boat service comes into play, offering visitors a unique and fascinating way to get around the island and its surrounding waters.

The taxi boat service to Giglio Island offers a unique and fascinating way to explore the island. Che tu voglia rilassarti su una spiaggia appartata, fare snorkeling in acque cristalline o semplicemente goderti la bellezza dell’isola dal mare, i taxi boat sono la soluzione ideale. Whether you want to relax on a secluded beach, snorkel in crystal clear waters or simply enjoy the beauty of the island from the sea, taxi boats are the ideal solution.

The Magic of the Taxi Boat

The taxi boat service offers an unparalleled opportunity to discover the natural beauty of the island from the sea. Imagine sailing along the coasts of the island, guided by expert sea dogs who know every nook and cranny. These captains, with thousands of miles of experience under their belts, will not only take you to enchanting places, but will also tell you local stories and anecdotes, enriching your trip with historical and cultural details.

Variety of Services Offered

Beach Shuttle Service: This service is ideal for those who want to reach some of the most beautiful beaches on the island without the hassle of walking or driving. Taxi boats mainly transport visitors from Giglio Porto to the Cannelle and Caldane beaches and from Giglio Campese to the small beaches behind the Franco promontory. But there is also the option of being transported to any desired cove, offering a personalized experience.

Excursions and Mini-Cruises: These tours are designed for those who wish to explore further. The excursions can lead you to discover the most beautiful coves of the Giglio Island, with stops for snorkelling or simply relaxing. There are also trips and mini-cruises to Giannutri Island, offering a double adventure.

Tour of the Island by Boat: With only 28 km of coastline, the Island of Giglio is perfect for a circumnavigation. This tour lasts approximately 2-3 hours and offers a comprehensive overview of the different faces of the island. It also includes a stop for a dip in one of the coves.

Transfer from/to Porto Santo Stefano: For those who want a more exclusive service, some operators offer private transfers from or to Porto Santo Stefano, offering an alternative solution to traditional ferries.

Skippered Boat Hire: For those who want a more personalized experience, there is the option to hire a boat with an experienced skipper. This allows you to create your own itinerary and explore the island at your own pace.

Indicative rates
Rates vary depending on the service chosen. For example, beach service starts from EUR 15 return, while transfers between Giglio Porto and Campese start from EUR 80 one way. There are also options for transfers to Porto Santo Stefano and Giannutri Island, with prices starting from EUR 300 respectively. The tour of the island has a starting cost of EUR 40 per person, while the excursions to Giannutri start from EUR 50 per person, with the option of including lunch.

Schedules and Reservations
Most of the excursions take place upon reaching a minimum number of people, so it is advisable to book in advance. Typical operating hours for taxi boats are 8am to 7pm. The service is mainly available in the summer period, from the end of April to the end of September, but may vary depending on the weather conditions.