Isola del Giglio

Campese beach


A Paradise of Red Sand and Suggestive Sunsets

Campese beach is a place where nature, history and beauty blend in perfect harmony. Whether you enjoy relaxing on the beach, enjoying water sports or enjoying breathtaking sunsets, this beach has something for everyone. With its unique atmosphere, its crystal clear waters and its reddish sand, the Campese beach is a must for anyone visiting the Giglio Island.

Giglio Campese beach, located on the northwestern side of the island of Giglio, is the largest on the island and represents one of the main attractions for visitors. This beach, with its grainy reddish sand and crystal clear waters, offers a unique experience for those seeking relaxation, beauty and adventure.

Natural and landscape features

The beach stretches for about 550 meters, forming a perfect crescent, and is located in the center of a large bay. On one side, it is framed by the suggestive Faraglione, a rocky peak about 20 meters high, and on the other by the historic Medici Tower. This combination of natural and historical elements makes the Campese beach a place of rare beauty.

The reddish color of the sand, due to the proximity of the old pyrite mine, contrasts beautifully with the intense turquoise of the sea. This chromatic contrast, together with the transparency of the water, makes the Campese beach an ideal place for photography and nature lovers.

Activities and Sports

Thanks to its position protected from the southern winds, the Campese bay is a favorite place for lovers of water sports. Surfers, sailors and snorkelers will find an ideal setting for their activities here. In particular, the rocks at the ends of the beach are a true paradise for snorkelling, offering the opportunity to explore a seabed rich in marine flora and fauna.

For those who prefer less demanding activities, the bay also offers the possibility of pedal boating or swimming in its calm, crystalline waters. And for those who want to explore the surrounding area, there are paths that lead to small hidden coves, such as Petruso beach, or the splendid Cala del Gesso.

Sunsets and Romantic Atmosphere

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Campese beach is its western exposure, which allows you to enjoy spectacular sunsets. When the sun slowly sinks behind the horizon, the sky takes on shades of orange, red and purple, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere. These sunsets, with Montecristo and Corsica in the background, are an experience not to be missed for anyone visiting the island of Giglio.

Services and Comforts

Campese beach is equipped with all the necessary comforts for a perfect day at the beach. Along the beach, bathing establishments and stretches of free beach alternate, offering visitors the possibility to choose between different options. The establishments offer services such as sunbeds, umbrellas, showers and cabins, while the bars and restaurants along the beach offer delicious local specialties and refreshing drinks.

For those arriving by boat, the Campese bay also offers a small marina, where it is possible to moor and enjoy a day on the beach.