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Sport, Culture and Gastronomy

The Isola del Giglio, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a destination that offers much more than enchanting beaches and breathtaking views. For those who want to have a complete experience, the island offers a wide range of activities, ranging from sport to culture, through gastronomy and shopping.

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boat excursions

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Boat excursions to Giglio Island are an unforgettable experience.

Sea and land sports

Sports related to the sea are certainly among the most practiced on the island. The crystalline waters of Giglio are the ideal habitat for:

Swimming: The calm, clear waters are perfect for swimming and relaxing.
Snorkeling: Armed with a mask and snorkel, it is possible to explore the seabed, admiring the rich underwater fauna and flora.
Diving: For diving enthusiasts, the walls of the island are covered with gorgonians and colorful sponges, making each dive a unique experience.
Boat Tour: Going around the island by boat allows you to discover hidden coves and unexplored corners.
On land, however, the island’s network of paths is a real treasure for lovers of trekking and mountain biking. Walking or cycling along these paths offers panoramic views of the Tuscan Archipelago and allows you to closely observe the local flora and fauna.

Traditional Manifestations and Cultural Events

The Isola del Giglio hosts numerous events during the year, especially during the summer season. Among the most anticipated events there are:

Celebrations of the Patrons: Each town on the island celebrates its patron saint with poles, concerts and spectacular fireworks. Celebrations of the Patrons: Each town on the island celebrates its patron saint with poles, concerts and spectacular fireworks.
Festa dell’Uva e delle Cantine Aperte: This event, which takes place on the last weekend of September, has become a tradition and attracts many visitors. During the festival, it is possible to taste local wines and discover the food and wine traditions of the island.
Gastronomy and Typical Products

The cuisine of the Isola del Giglio is a perfect mix between Tuscan tradition and marine flavours. In the local restaurants it is possible to taste dishes based on fresh fish, but also land specialities. Giglio Porto offers restaurants overlooking the sea, while in Giglio Castello you can dine in a medieval atmosphere. Giglio Campese, on the other hand, offers the possibility of eating directly on the beach.

Among the typical products not to be missed are Ansonaco, a wine produced on the island’s terraces, and Panficato, a dessert made with figs, walnuts, honey, wine and raisins.


The Isola del Giglio is a destination that has a lot to offer, both for those seeking relaxation and tranquillity, and for those who wish to experience active and dynamic holidays. Between sports, cultural events and gastronomy, every visitor will surely find the right activity for him, making his stay on the island an unforgettable experience.