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Isola del Giglio is well renowned for the beauty of its nature and its crystal clear sea. In 2008, Giglio Island was awarded the Guida Blu (Blue Guide) 1st prize by the environmental organization Legambiente & Touring Club, the highest and most important award in Italy for environmental issues, for having the cleanest and most beautiful transparent sea in Italy.


The quality of the sea as well as the seabeds are of great importance to Isola del Giglio. Tremendous attention is given to the preservation of and respect for nature. The particular care that the inhabitants take for their homeland, and the variety of its beaches and rocks, are all points of attraction for tourists and sea lovers visiting the islands of Giglio and Giannutri. Although they must be aware of the numerous limitations imposed in the waters of the isle of Giannutri, scuba divers will still enjoy visiting shipwrecks and admire the unique beauty of Giannutri's seabeds. Divers of all ages have a magnificent coastline at their disposal.


Isola del Giglio's seabeds are among the most appreciated in Italy, visited by marine biologists and experts from throughout Europe. The presence of many environmental VIPs on our islands confirms the quality of our sea. Immersed in our crystal clear waters, it is not unusual to encounter moray eels, lobsters, sea urchins, anchovies, tuna fishes, barracudas, and dolphins, which sometimes chase ferry boats as well.

The areas to dive at Isola del Giglio are anywhere along the coast; however, the best places to visit are: Tralicci, Secca i Pignocchi, Punta delle Secche, Punta del Fenaio, Cala Monella, Punta del Morto, Secca della Croce, Cala Cupa, Le Scole, Secca Zampa di Gatto, Scoglio di Pietrabona, Cala del Corvo, Punta del Capel Rosso and Cala dell'Allume.