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Isola di Giannutri

Scopri le nostre Isole

Located about 14km southeast of Giglio, Giannutri is a tiny, half-moon shaped island at the extreme southern part of the Tuscan Archipelago. The isle is under the municipality of Isola del Giglio. Its profile is characterized by three rocky peaks: Poggio del Capelrosso, Monte Mario and Poggio del Cannone.

Its 11km-long coastline is rocky and rough, interrupted by only two tiny stone beaches: Cala dello Spalmatoio on the northeast side of the island and Cala Maestra on the northwest side. Interesting are the many caves along its coast. The most famous is Cala dei Grottoni on the extreme southern side of the island. The island boasts indigenous tropical plants (wild orchids, palms, euforbias) and the climate is mild in winter and there are lovely breezes in summer.

It is a popular nesting ground for numerous species of birds, including the pallid swift and colonies of royal gulls.

Once called Artemisia by the Greeks and Dianium by the Romans (because its bowed shape is reminiscent of the hunting bow used by the goddess Artemis/Diana), Giannutri was an important island for maritime traffic during the second and third centuries B.C., being a sheltered way-station along the shipping routes around Gaul and Sardinia. Giannutri belonged to the Roman family Enobarbi, who built a superlative villa of elegant marble near Cala Maestra.

The island has ferry connections with Porto Santo Stefano on the mainland two times a week during low season, Tuesday and Saturday, and daily during the summer season.

There are also day trips from Giglio Porto to Giannutri during the summer. Ships dock at Cala Spalmatoio, where a footpath leads to the other side of the island, Cala Maestra. There is no church and no hotels on the island.

Visitors who wish a longer visit than a day trip should contact the local apartment rental agencies on Giglio.

For more information on visiting Giannutri, see the island's webpage on the Tuscan Archipelago National Park's website.
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