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Footpaths and Walks

All the best for our guests

Giglio Island has footpaths on various levels of difficulty to discover the mediterranean vegetation and pinewoods and its incredible landscapes. Thanks to the paths, it’s possible to reach the island coastline as well as beaches and rocks of rare beauty, where it is still possible, even during the most crowded months, to remain isolated to enjoy the sea and the momorable sunsets. The 90% wild territory is most attractive to tourists. The Franco Promontory exluded, (mostly characterized by limestones and quartzite of the Paleozoic period), the island is mostly granite and mountainous.

In the past decades, some of the still existing paths where used as mule tracks and the same footpaths where the only ones the native people from Giglio could use to move around the island on foot or with the help of their donkeys.

Excursions around the island can be made in every season of the year, particularly in the spring time during the rebirth of nature. For further information please contact our office.

Some simple advice:

1) Prepare yourself for the excursion
The footpaths do not require a particular training and can be therefore enjoyed by people of all ages. Please keep in mind that the territory is mainly mountainous and is often characterized by natural obstacles.
2) Obtain information concerning all footpaths
If it is the 1st excursion on Giglio island, we suggest to bring along a map of the island or to ask information at the Tourism Office in Giglio Porto about the length and difficulty of the desired path.
3) Obtain information about weather conditions
Please avoid walks during tough rains, winds or storms and avoid to walk in the vicinity of rocks by the sea.
4) Walking in groups is always a pleasure
If possible, always walk with another person, Giglio island does not present particular difficulties but being in company with someone, certainly is an added security and is often a pleasure
5) Dress yourself comfortably
If you do not want to find yourself in trouble dress comfortably. Trekking shoes or training shoes are the best, a pair of trousers or a tracksuit will prevent you from nasty spiny bushes or nettles. Always wear a hat in the summer
6) A backpack and off you go!
A backpack containing water, a hat, a jumper and a map of the island is a practical support.
7) Please help people in trouble
If during your walk you may find someone in trouble or in difficulty please do not hesitate to help, it could be useful to yourself as well. Do not act as a hero in cases of particular danger: always call emergency numbers.
8) Please do not venture
We do not recommend to walk outside footpaths. It could be dangerous and you may lose your orientation
9) Respect nature
Respect people and nature. We would like to remind that on Giglio island it is forbidden to pick mushrooms, flowers and shrubs and is stricktly forbidden to light fires as well.
10) Take care of waste
All paths on Giglio island are well kept and clean. If you find abandoned waste in your way, please pick it up.

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