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As the second biggest island in the Tuscan Archipelago, Giglio -- with its generous, crystal clear sea -- is the ideal vacation for scuba divers. The number of dive sites extending around the whole island is impressive; every part of the coast offers magnificent and unforgettable diving explorations.

The seas around Giglio are home to nearly every species of Mediterranean fish: bonitos, amberjacks, tuna, barracudas, seabream, dentex and ocean sunfish. In these seabeds, white, yellow and red sea fans are also frequently found.

The numerous lairs provide excellent habitat, and divers can see lobsters, crabs, moray eels, and wreckfish between 15 and 35 meters depth. Sponges, tunicates, sea anemones, cnidarians, feather-duster worms and other species cover the underwater rocks, presenting a living natural laboratory of extreme diversity and beauty.

For those who are not yet certified divers, this magnificent underwater world can be discovered by snorkeling. Divers and snorkelers are especially recommended to explore the areas of Punta del Capel Rosso, Punta del Fenaio, Le Scole, La Secca della Croce, Il Corvo and La Punta delle Secche. Only by venturing into the underwater world of Giglio Island is it possible to appreciate its real beauty.

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